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How to draw semicircle on Android Canvas?

I just resolved a problem which at first I thought is a matter of 5 min for finding appropriate Android API function, unfortunately it took me much longer..

Given start and end points of a vector, draw left/right hand semicircle knowing, that this vector is diameter of this semicircle.


Use addArc android function.

public void addArc (RectF oval, float startAngle, float sweepAngle), float, float)

As you can see we need an oval rect and startAngle, which are not obvious..
Hereunder you can find a handy method computing needed parameters.

     * @param xStart vector start point
     * @param yStart
     * @param xEnd vector end point
     * @param yEnd
     * @param ovalRectOUT RectF to store result
     * @param enum direction left/right
     * @return start angle
    public static float getSemicircle(float xStart, float yStart, float xEnd,
            float yEnd, RectF ovalRectOUT, Side direction) {

        float centerX = xStart + ((xEnd - xStart) / 2);
        float centerY = yStart + ((yEnd - yStart) / 2);

        double xLen = (xEnd - xStart);
        double yLen = (yEnd - yStart);
        float radius = (float) (Math.sqrt(xLen * xLen + yLen * yLen) / 2);
        RectF oval = new RectF((float) (centerX - radius),
                (float) (centerY - radius), (float) (centerX + radius),
                (float) (centerY + radius));


        double radStartAngle = 0;
        if (direction == Side.LEFT) {
            radStartAngle = Math.atan2(yStart - centerY, xStart - centerX);
        } else {
            radStartAngle = Math.atan2(yEnd - centerY, xEnd - centerX);
        float startAngle = (float) Math.toDegrees(radStartAngle);

        return startAngle;


After that drawing semicircles is deadsimple with eg.

path.addArc(oval, startAngle, 180);

Hope that helps! 😉

If you need to manipulate circle pieces a bit more specifically I really recommend you this article: