About me

Michał Wróbel
Java developer/analyst at Espeo Software
Poznan, Greater Poland District, Poland | Information Technology and Services

Java developer experienced in both greenfield and big platform based projects. Goal oriented in
the normal course of development and persistent when it comes to debugging. Although mainly
focused on pure software development, has also some experience in requirement analysis.



Java developer/analyst (2012 - Present)
Espeo Software
Privately Held, 11-50 employees, Computer Software


  • Hey Michal,

    I represent an indie game development team working on an medieval based survival horror PC game which revolves loosely around the events of the medieval black death (bubonic plague) during 14th-15th century Europe. After reading through your blog, I figured i’d send you an e-mail offering a proposition of possible collaboration.

    If your interested, please send me a message and i’ll explain a bit more about the project.

    Thanks, hope to hear back from you

  • Hi Michal,

    Can u explain with simple example how to Binding activiti messages and signals to JMS messages.

    • I am afraid I have not understood your question, explain it in more detail.

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